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Endermologie for Cellulite

Endermologie for Cellulite

Introducing LPG® Endermowear, a cutting-edge technical outfit exclusively designed to enhance endermologie* treatments for cellulite. This advanced apparel enables deep massages and offers optimal visibility of tissues, ensuring a highly effective and comfortable cellulite treatment experience. With its lightweight and breathable design, this personalised outfit maximises the impact of each session, delivering remarkable cellulite reduction results that leave you feeling at ease throughout the process. Elevate your cellulite treatment to a new level of effectiveness and comfort with LPG® Endermowear.

Your customized treatment:

1 to 8 targeted areas

Women: arms, back, waist, stomach, saddlebags, buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, knees, calves.

Men: arms, back, chest, waist, stomach, thighs.

10 min - R220 - 30 min - R660 - 20 min - R440 - 40 min - R880

Signature Treatments:

Fluid mobilization: 30 min – R660

Stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drains toxins: skin is

"reoxygenated". For an immediate boost and sensation of lightness.

Relaxation: 30 min – R660

Unwinds areas with muscular tension, climinates stress, and brings a profound sensatior of relaxation. For body-mind balance.

Endermopuncture: 50min – R875

An exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (slimming cells), fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells), and their environment for maximum effectiveness. slim your body, and smooth away the appearance of cellulite.

Packages 10 sessions (free assessment + 1 free session + free endermowear™*)

20 minutes - R 3960

30 minutes - R 5940

40 minutes - R 7920

Yearly memberships

24 sessions (free assessment + 4 free sessions + free endermowear™")

20 minutes - R 8800

30 minutes - R 13200

40 minutes - R 17600

Personal assessment - 30 min

Endermowear ™ M & L – R320

Endermowear ™ XL & Men’s – R470

Patented Technology – R530

Solé is the absolute best salon offering a professional and relaxing environment with the BEST staff and cutting edge technology and products, in my opinion.
Highly recommended!
Chanene Norman
Love the calming decor and environment of this spa. It’s my new go-to and the massages are so relaxing! Definitely recommend!
Dr Nadya Abedian
Amazing customer service and incredibly knowledgeable staff who are passionate about what they do. Thank you Ilhaam for all your help and time explaining the PHformula range to me 💕
Monica Page
Fantastic! Personal friendly service and care! Professional! Makes me feel comfortable, spoiled and beautiful 🤩
Shani Ross
Free Treatment

Free 30 min resurfacing treatment

Purchase any 2 pH formula products and get a FREE 30 min Glow pH Resurfacing Treament at Solé

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We believe that skincare is not just a routine but a lifestyle, reflecting your inner balance and harmony. As your skin adapts and evolves, we are dedicated to offering time-based, tailor-made, and result-driven skincare treatments that cater to your unique needs. Experience a radiant glow that emanates from within, embracing the beauty that defines you.

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